Graphic design

1/ How to prepare data for printing?

If you don`t need any changes from us before printing, ideally send it to us in the form of PFD, but also AI, EPS, CDR or PSD, where:

  • raster graphics images are in 300 DPI resolution
  • all texts and text symbols are converted to vectors
  • colour images have to be converted to CMYK colour model
  • distribution of all items of final graphics is in 1:1 size

We always require 3 mm edge on all sides of the final form of printed document. Please state also the exact dimensions of finished document.

2/ I have a design; I just need fine tuning before printing and preparation for print. What should I do?

Send us non-vector graphics. If your document contains texts, send us also its text font. We will make minor adjustments and print preparation for you. For these services, we charge 350.-CZK/hour. The amount will be calculated before the work starts.

3/ I need to design a logo, I need to make a complete design of printed materials or design web pages and banners. What will be the process in this case? 

Prior to creating any design, we will consult your needs with you. We need to know something about you and your company.

What is the purpose of material we are supposed to create, who do you like to address with it? Such valuable information will help us to create a design which will represent you with style and quality and at the same time, it will address your customers better than an abundance of similar material from your competitors`.

We need you to send us your order by email before we start the work. We also need all documents and materials you would like us to use; e.g. vector-logos, photographs and all the text in text document files.

We will create a few initial designs. If you choose one of them and decide to continue with it, we will send you 50% pro-forma invoice. After paying the advance payment we will finish the design. Upon your comments and corrections, we will complete the graphics to a final state. We will give you data prepared for printing in a required format. We can also give you CD disc with your graphic design. 


1/ Do you supply stickers on rolls or sheets? 

We can supply stickers on both – rolls or sheets. It depends on what you need. Each material requires a different technology of printing, therefore, it is wise to consult it with us and together we can come up with the best solution for you. 

2/ I need a calculation of the price of stickers. What do I have to specify in my request?

For calculation, we need to know the size, colours and number of pieces.


1/ Do I have to bring my own ribbon or will you supply me with complete services? What kind of ribbons will be available?

We supply the ribbons and the print, you don`t have to bring your own. We can offer you taffeta or satin of various widths and colour shades. We could also print on your own ribbon, but before accepting the order, we need to see the sample if it is possible to print on such a surface.

2/ I need a calculation of the price of ribbons. What do I have to specify in my request?

 For calculation, we need to know the size of the print, space between each print, colours, a number of metres, surface material.