Printing Diaries

Your own printed diary is a very effective marketing tool. You can use embossed print or gold foil on various surface materials; for example, leather, leather imitation, plastic materials, paper or flocked suede and velvet imitation.

You can bring your own promotional products or we can supply them for you.

We possess a lot of experience

Due to the abundant practice in the field of printing and hot stamping and embossing, we are aware of specific characteristics of any surface and printing materials and we don`t get alarmed by anything. We can print on items of various sizes, shapes and thicknesses. You can get printed your diaries, wallets, belts, files, calendars, cases, covers and any other promotional products.

Time-tested methods

To achieve the best results we are able to choose the optimal and best technology. Upon your request, we can create you a graphic visualization. You can bring your own promotional products or you can order them through us. We will be happy to assist you with your choice.

Metallic gloss

Your promotional products will get the unique look if you choose to enhance them with shiny gold, silver or other metallic effects. Embossing or hot stamping will provide each product with the mark of a genuine brand and a good name. We can print on any material.

Embossed print

Embossing or printing embossed relief images or texts on your products gives them very elegant feel.  It is the stylish representation which will pleasantly surprise your business partners and friends. This technique is suitable not only for natural materials like handmade paper, or leather, but also a leather imitation, flocked suede and velvet imitation, or plastic.